My Favorite Mixer Blender


My Favorites mixer blender has got to be Ninja Master Prep. I have tried many other devices before a blender, but I never found that I like to use as much as this one. It s the first Ive ever had, which I use almost daily. Personally, Im really looking forward to using it in my quest to improve the health of myself and my family. Now I have just written a couple of paragraphs written account and what amounts to a little spot, but this article will go into detail on nutrition and how it affects my vision of this extraordinary product.

In the not too distant past, I have gained a few pounds. Well, more than a few. Sometimes this happens when going to walk many miles every day as a factor to sit and work in the office as a supervisor. In any case, it happened. But something happened as well. I became a type 2 diabetic. Now I have to lose those extra kilos to manage blood sugar without the use of drugs.

My search for information (Thank goodness for the internet) I found the website of the doctor, where he argued that the diet has been able to help many people from many health problems to improve their quality of life through diet. Perhaps a diet is not quite the right word. A better word would be nutrition. He believes that with the right diet, the body can heal itself and improve, if not cure many health problems facing people today. At first it seemed quackery. I did some research and discovered that there is more than a little truth of its concept. The real point of this is aside from the fact that it is now interested in the raw food movement. And this is precisely to make a simple kitchen blender?, You might ask. The biggest weapon in its fight against all the weight back. Green smoothies.

But first, a little more context so you understand how I came to my conclusion, and why The Ninja Master Prep is a big part of my life now.Studies have shown that diet has a huge impact on health. China Study stands out in particular. This is perhaps the largest study of nutrition and its health effects have ever done. Basically, the study found that Chinas various regions of China are huge differences in their main food sources. And huge disparities in health. Some spent more products of animal origin. Some have spent almost nothing. What has been found that areas where people consume more food sources of animals had more cancer and heart disease. There are a lot more information about the investigation, but it is the part that really stood out for me. And he went along and supported the doctor I mentioned earlier preaching. A vegetarian diet is supplemented better health and longevity. Here is a link to the Wikipedia page on the study of China.


Heres a trick question for you. But it is also educational. What would you say if requested, which is more protein per calorie, collared greens, or a nice steak? Have you noticed that I called calories rather than per pound is not it? Still, I found the answer surprising. It is a green leaf vegetable. Those who think they associate with green leaf protein? Yet it is a healthier choice. And if youre trying to lose weight, which is really important. It takes a fair amount of calories of green leafy vegetables, only a few grams of meat. And its a beauty. You can diet and eat so much, that might not be hungry and still lose weight. phytochemicals Plus, lots of eating leafy greens and other vegetables and fruit food sources makes this kind of eating like having a super vitamin pill. Plant sources of nutrition are so many different combinations of chemical nutrients, we do not even understand all of them yet.

Many of them have powerful anti-cancer properties. Vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower cross are characterized by the latter.

Back to the green smoothie. Green smoothies are not only a recipe. It is a combination of green leafy vegetables and fruit that you want to do. So here is this super-vitamin, super nutrition type of food, but you must be able to influence and transform it into a smoothie. Why? Since the division of plant cells help to break and release the phytochemicals and vitamins. A little how not to chew. And secondly, because they are just so refreshing and tasty, once you learn the combinations of food go well together.

Thats where the Ninja Master of preparation comes at last. I know it took a while to get to this point, but I wanted you to understand why I think highly of this kitchen appliance. I tried other blenders blender for this, and frankly the cheapest you can not do the job. It is difficult for them to reach food that is trying to process the slides. And even if you can, just not fast enough. They were not designed to do. Yes, there are mixers that are designed specifically for this, and do a great job, but do not have to spend $ 500 on a console. Did you know? Why should I when I have a Master Ninja to prepare a lot cheaper.

It was not just a set of cutting blades, but twice. This is a total of four sheets to cut and mix. This mixer is easily the equivalent of nearly all other professional mixers on the market. There are only four blades, but are made of hardened steel and razor sharp. It is certainly something to keep in mind when cleaning. This machine is not a toy. Comes with two containers of different sizes depending on what you need. He helped save my life, and can make a big difference in yours too.